Chicago born & raised, John is the father of seven kids, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and still serves today one weekend a month. At times, he may be unavailable due to his military service.  His years of working in the sewer & drain industry have proven to be successful, and he is eager to help you with your sewer & drain cleaning needs! 

The Cleaning Process


When your sewer or drain is backed up, time is essential. We clean your sewer & drains with the best equipment available and in a timely manner. Not every job may go as planned, but we will keep you informed during the process and do our best to clean each sewer & drain thoroughly. The physical condition of the pipe, lack of access, or severity of the obstruction, can at times dictate how well it can be cleaned. 

Depending upon the location of the clog, that will determine what "line" needs to be cleaned. Just because water backs up from a drain, doesn't mean its a clog in the Main Line. It could just be a smaller 1 1/2'" or 2" line, and therefore, a specific cable size and machine will be used to unclog the pipe affected.  

At times, multiple clogs can be happening within different lines at the same time that are unrelated. It may seem like they are, but Murphy's Law usually is at work. That's why preventive maintenance is important! Because it keeps your drain lines clear of sludge, and tree roots out of your main sewer line so they don't get clogged.

We take pride in what we do and look forward in working with you!  


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